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Open-source creative coding framework for distributed applications based on Web technologies.

Primarily focused on music, soundworks aims at supporting rapid development of real-time distributed applications using JavaScript. It provides abstractions to hide the complexity of the network and to foster very rapid-prototyping and trial-and-error workflows that are typical in artistic practices.

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Main Features

  • Support for both browser and Node.js clients
  • Real-time communications through WebSockets
  • Distributed state management
  • Plugin system to extend core functionalities
    (clock synchronization, runtime distributed scripting, etc.)

Projects & Demos

→   Installations

→   Performances & Concerts

→   Experimental Settings

What it is not

  • Not a framework to develop regular websites, although its probably feasible to do so if you are adventurous
  • Not a ready to use application, you will have to code.
    However, we maintain a set of quite generic applications that could fit your use-case: CoMo - Elements, Playground or Koryphaios
  • Probably a lot of other things (e.g. teapot, ...)

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